Home Sweet Home

Finally, I’m now back to my cozy home and found my cute dogs welcoming me, wagging their tails at me happily and saying “Hi!”

Time moves extremely fast like a shooting star..so fast that when you try to grab it, you miss it..

When I realise that I’m officially 18 and currently studying in a college, I’m kinda scared, kinda worried. How I miss the days when I still get to be a child running around and screaming like hell. Hahaha πŸ˜› I’m quite attached to my family and sometimes hope that time will freeze whenever we are spending time together as my heart will drop sometimes when I realise my dad and mum is getting old. Are they happy whenever I’m not at home?( well, I think my sisters can do a great job, coz they are sooo playful >< but they are too addicted to their handphones,Seriously)

Golden is the name of my golden retriever at home. I know his name sounds a bit lame..well,its because we named it when I’m only eight years old. Golden is my ten years friend since I’m just in primary school and I think his hearing has become weaker and weaker.I need to shout his name whenever I call him and his ears will start wriggling and his head will turn somewhere else with shock,but always in the wrong direction. He is always that tired and enjoy taking a nap under my dad’s car or somewhere shady. I snapped pictures of him every time I came back for my break as I am always afraid that one day he will leave us and get into eternal sleep. I really hope that he can accompany me as I grow and protect our family like always. Do not think that a golden retriever is always gentle and kind, I’ve seen him being dangerous whenever someone tries to threaten us. Thank you babe!


Action Plan😊😁

  1. The goal I want to focus right now is to achieve 4 A* in A levels.
  2. I will be able to achieve my dreams by studying abroad and get scholarships
  3. I might face challenges to achieve this goal as A levels is 100 percent examination based and I need to study consistently. I may fail in times that may cause disappointment.
  4. I will have three hours each day for me to study in a quiet place such as the library. Besides, I will also request help from peers and lecturers overtime I come across difficulties in study.
  5. My parents, friends and lecturers can be my support network in achieving my dreams.
  6. I may face some problems in time management that may affect my studies. I need to learn how to juggle between my studies and school activities.
  7. I will try to study everyday and obtain help from either lecturers or classmates when I face difficulties in my studies. I will try to do more exercises instead of just reading from the course book. I will also watch videos understand more of a topic.


Reflective Assignments(II)

Lessons I’ve Learnt in this Module

From this module, I can know more of myself. My strength, my weaknesses and ways to cope with challenges in life.

Besides that, I found out my learning styles realise that the most suitable learning style for me is Auditory( which is quite a great news as listening skills is required at A levels).

One of the things I’ve learned is the Taylor’s Graduates Capabilities which include communication skills,collaborative skills and interpersonal skills. Through community services, I’ve learned these skills that may benefit me in the future because communication is required in daily life.

I will apply the lessons I’ve learned in this module as a student by

  1. Apply TGC in daily life
  2. Be responsible as a student by working hard and achieve great results
  3. Figure out my future career

I will apply the lessons I’ve learned in this module as an individual by

  1. Joining community services to serve the needy ones
  2. Cope with challenges in life rationally
  3. Apply Β TGC in daily life

Rate your learning from this course: 7

Rate the application possibilities : 6

Community Services

Volunteering Experience


I’ve volunteered for the Children’s Camp in year 2014 and became their leader for three days. Throughout the volunteering program, a lot of patience is required in treating the children and leading them as they can be playful and cheeky most of the time. As a volunteer for the children’s camp, I need to have good communication skills and collaborate well with the authorities and my partner. Even though it’s quite difficult to control the kids and to make them follow your instructions, I gained valuable insights on how challenging a teacher can be to provide students with education.

Another volunteering experience is by helping doctors and nurses in medical checkups including BMI, blood glucose level and blood pressure level for the residence in Batu Muda.Lots of persuasion is required ensure that every residence in Batu Muda has the opportunity to do medical checkups in order to keep a healthy body and to prevent diseases.

Through volunteering activities, I had gain communication skills when I try to communicate with either the authorities, the residence in batu muda and the children. Besides, critical thinking and problem solving skills can also be instilled when I try to solve problems during community service. Collaborating skills is also an important skills as we need to collaborate with teammates and partners to make and event or duty successful.


This is the Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities which can be obtained and build up through community service.

Learning Style Test

image image image image image imageimage image This is a test about the learning styles that you suited most. I am okay with either visual, auditory and kinematics. I like group studies but with only two or three friends as I can’t focus in a large group. This is quite an interesting study to make me realize my learning style and choose the best way for me to study.πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ“™πŸ“’πŸ“š

SMART goals

Here are my goals to be achieved:

  1. Travel around the world
  2. Make New Friends
  3. Happiness
  4. Score with flying colours in my A levels


Specific: I want to bring happiness to people around me

Measurable: I hope that I can bring smiles and positive influence to my friends everyday

Achievable: Yes, I am always happy and smiling has become a habit for me even though I encounter problems in life.

Relevant: Yes, I am sometimes sad and face conflicts that makes me stressful but I will always ask for help and opinions from the others.

Time bound: 1st of June 2015



  • Compassionate
  • Determined
  • Optimistic
  • Hardworking

I am compassionate in helping others when they encounter difficulties as it brings me satisfaction that are indescribable. In life, I am always determined and hardworking as I strive for my best to achieve my goals despite the challenges that I face. Being a positive person, I give life challenges and changes a big brave smile as I knew that everything would always be fine and tomorrow will be a better day! Β πŸ˜€


  • Monophobia
  • Indecisive
  • Easily Affected by Others
  • Lack of Experience

I am a monophobic person and I love working in groups and hang out with friends. However, having some quiet time alone is also beneficial as I get to reflect myself to gain improvements. Being indecisive always brings me into conflict as if there is an angle and a demon fighting inside my mind making me felt so awful. But Mum always tell me that being decisive or indecisive is a choice and that I can choose to be a person I wanted to be. Sometimes, I am easily affected by people around me and tend to follow the crowd. An eighteen years old girl like me still have a lack of experience to deal with things and people but obviously my mind will grow some day and become more matured.


  • To Study Abroad
  • Chances For Me to Join Volunteering Work
  • Scholarships to Study
  • Being the Main Committee of Camps International

One of my opportunities is to be able to get scholarships and study abroad in my dream university. I will strive for my best to hold on this golden chance and lessen my parent’s burden and at the same time make them proud. Chances for me to volunteer in any programs is a pathway for me to gain more experiences and to be grateful towards what I have. Being the main committee of Camps International can open up a door towards success mentally and physically. I may gain time management skills, hold on my responsibilities, try to get a long well with others and learn to build up team spirits.


  • Bad Influence from People Around Me
  • Pollution
  • Social Problems
  • Stress

Bad influence from others may change my personality and behaviour slowly. Besides, stress is inescapable in life and coping with stress may be a great challenge for me. Pollution all around the world is also a threat for me, as it may affect my health and become an obstacles in life towards success.